How we work

Project.Shelter is part of a political movement that promotes solidarity and participation for a city for all.

We are a group of people with and without a history of escape or migration, working on a democratic basis to fight for and to protect the rights of homeless migrants and refugees in Frankfurt and to guarantee the fulfillment of their needs.

This includes, first of all, the provision of private housing, as well as the provision of public transport tickets, bicycles, the financing of food, medical care and clothing, as well as linguistic support and translations for official affairs. Last but not least, the project is a meeting point for togetherness, mutual exchange and community activities of the involved and the interested. It allows migrants to organize themselves, to develop common demands and to carry them out to the public in the form of actions and demonstrations. In this way, among other things, hierarchies between people with congenital privileges and those who are discriminated due to their passports are to be recognized and dismantled