Our goals

It is one of the goals of Project Shelter to open a self-managed migrant center in Frankfurt am Main. The center will be a safe haven where sleeping places, food and clothing are provided to people that have newly arrived in Frankfurt. It is intended to serve as a social forum that brings people and initiatives together and which makes it easier for migrants and refugees to get to grips with the city life and to connect with other people. This is of particular importance because many migrants are exposed to racist discrimination, which makes the already very harsh housing situation of Frankfurt even more difficult.
To realize this idea, we need a house – our “shelter”. In a petition  signed by more than 8,500 people all over Germany, we asked the city of Frankfurt and the state of Hesse, to support the project financially and to initiate direct negotioations with the homeless migrants about the opening of a self-manager center. In spite of many rhetorical-political statements, Project.Shelter has so far received no support from the addressees for the provision of accommodation for homeless migrants.