Our self-conception

We do not distinguish people according to their residency status. We make no distincition between legalized and illegalized refugees and migrants. It does not matter to us why people came to Frankfurt – everyone deserves a humane arrival and the opportunity to start a new life at the place of their choice.

Many of the immigrants involved in the project are not in a regular asylum procedure in Germany, but rather have a residence status in another EU country. They do not receive any public help and live on the streets of Frankfurt, at the train stations and under the bridges. They came to Germany because they lacked any perspective at the places where they have been registered and which are responsible for them under the “Dublin” resolution. The financial and economic crisis in particular has deprived many migrants in southern Europe of their work and later of their homes.  The good economic situation in Germany, however, gives many people the hope for a better, self-determined life. However, those affected are not entitled to social security benefits. This means they must find housing and a job contract withing 3 months – often without any form of shelter, proper nutrition and little or no knowledge of the German language – to prevent themselves from becoming illegalized and/or deported.

Project Shelter is much more than just shelter and accomodation; prejudices, stereotypes and fears are to be abolished, in order to contribute to the long-term development of an open society in which solidarity is seen as a matter of course and where exclusion is combated together.

For this reason, we do not regard it as the task of the civil society to permanently take over the services and support, which actually fall within the scope of tasks the state is responsible for. We therefore ask the city of Frankfurt to support our activities and plans for a self-managed migrant center. A self-organized migrant center should not only serve as a home, but also as an official living address. We also want all newcomers to be entitled to become part of Frankfurt’s society for an undefined time. All should be able to stay!