Places to stay

Many immigrant refugees slip in Germany through the grid of government help and are not entitled to any accommodation. Without money and with no knowledge of German, it is almost impossible to get affordable living space on the already tight housing market. On the other hand, the conditions in many public detention centers are catastrophic; They do not meet the minimum hygienic standards and offer neither space for privacy nor for bearable social coexistence.

Project.Shelter makes it easier for homeless migrants to find free (temporarily) or inexpensive (long-term) humane housing. If the costs are low, they are financed from the project funds

Do you have a free room, or even a free apartment, and can you imagine giving them to homeless migrants or refugees free or at low cost? Are you or a roommate going on a trip? Are rooms in your home temporarily vacant? Are you looking for a temporarily use for your vacant premises, whether it is a house, apartment or community accommodation?

It is difficult to guarantee a permanent accommodation to all. Therefore, offers are also welcome, which can temporarily provide one or more sleeping places – even if it is only for a week. As tenants in Germany are able to accommodate guests for up to three months without having to obtain the consent of the landlord, there is no legal hurdle for the longer provision of housing.

Our focus is on providing long-term accommodation for migrants. This makes it easier for the people concerned to find a job and to build their own lives. If you have places to stay, contact us and we will answer on mondays or thursdays.

If you want talk in person, you can meet us at Gewerkschaftshaus in Gutleutviertel/Frankfurt:

  • on THURSDAY: 3 to 6 PM

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